Employee Engagement

As i was about to write the first draft of this chapter, i had named it “employee retention”. While ultimate goal of many organization is to retain their best talents, it is better if we look into how to make employees feel engaged at the first place.

Engaged employees often bring in more business for the company. This is because engaged employees tend to perform better and do extra miles without even being asked. Many of the people in managerial positions would love to have a team of dedicated and honest employees. However, very few of them have given a serious thought on making employees feel more engaged at work. As a result, the companies often faced with challenging times as their best talents start to leave them and look for a better opportunity elsewhere.

The constraints

There are various constraints when you want to plan and implement employee engagement programmes at your workplace. Among them include financial and operational constraints.

Dealing head-on with the constraints may help you to achieve what you want but the sustainability of the programmes can be questionable. For example, if you are being too harsh on forcing the employees to “engage” with the companies, chances are you will just drive them away. Worse, they still come to work but they are being actively disengaged at work.

Engagement Programmes

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s. One of the strategies in maintaining a healthy level of employee engagement is by having engagement programmes.