Chapter 4: Formulation of Business Processes

In this chapter, we will discuss about formulation of necessary business processes related to L&D.

Preliminary Assessment

A preliminary assessment must be done on existing business processes. This is to ensure that we are not developing overlapping business processes. A good way to deal with this is to check thoroughly on each of other business process. Alternatively, you can give a rough idea to someone familiar with the business processes on what you are going to develop.

Department and Personal L&D Plan (DLDP and PLDP)

In previous chapters we have determined on the direction of the organization. Based on the goal, an assessment about existing resources have already been done.

Department L&D Plan (DLDP)

This plan is set at department level.

Department Competency Requirement (DCR)


Department Training Requirement (DTR)


Personal L&D Plan (PLDP)

This plan is crafted at a personal level. It works in tandem with Department L&D Plan

Personal Competency Requirement (PCR)

The organization shall determine how can competency be measured at a set interval.

Personal Training Requirement (PTR)

Unlike competency, training is more specific. For example, an organization requires its staff to attend a certain number of days of training every year, or certain types of training.