Recruitment is the process of identifying suitable candidates for a particular job role. It happens when the organization has decided to replace any of its employee or increase the number of employees.

The first step in recruitment is to identify Job Specification (JS) and Job Description (JD) for a particular position. This is to make sure that the workload are being distributed fairly according to the organization structure.

  • JS: Requirements to carry out the job. For example, able to communicate in both Bahasa Malaysia and English.
  • JD: Description for a particular job. For example, one of a cashier’s JD is “taking orders from the customers”.

Once a JD and JS has been prepared, the recruitment staff can start to look for candidates based on the selection criteria.

The sourcing of candidates can be done via any of the following channels:

  1. Job search portal (such as
  2. Referral from existing employees or the public


Screening can be done in multiple stages too. Screening is useful because it helps to save the precious time of the hiring managers by effectively filtering the candidates.

Pre-interview screening is done at many companies. Usually the preferred method is online assessment. Online assessment is quicker and easier to implement. It helps to save the time of the recruitment staff.


Onboarding is a process of recruiting employee from the moment a job offer is issued until some time after the job commences, depending on how a particular organization would like to shape its own onboarding phases. We think the onboarding process should be divided into several phases as follows:

  1. Pre-employment
  2. First day
  3. First week
  4. First month


Pre-employment can be divided into several more sub-phases depending on the company’s recruitment strategies.

Before first day of employment, the recruitment staff must ensure the following is prepared for the new employee:

  1. E-mail account
  2. Access card
  3. Employee handbook
  4. Workstation
  5. Computer and login information
  6. Buddy assignment

First day

In many of the small companies, company induction is being held for only half day or one full day.

The induction briefing should consists of the following:

  1. Company profile
  2. Payroll information
  3. Compensation and benefits
  4. Contact information